Outdoor Drainage Grate Trench Driveway Cast Iron Drain Cover Gully Grates

Material:Ductile Iron/Iron/Resin Model:D400/C250/E600/B125/A15 Suitable for:outdoor, sidewalk, driveway, highway Customization:customizable size/pattern/LOGO Bearing pressure:5 tons -60 tons Customized service:support

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Gully cover is very common on the road. It is usually used for drainage devices in main roads and sidewalks. It can be used in urban main road drainage systems and parking lots. Gully cover has good resistance to pressure. It can withstand a weight of 5-50 tons. It is made of nodular cast iron, and its weight is one-fifth less than ordinary gray cast iron. It can be easily transported, installed, and repaired. Greatly reduce labor intensity. Gully cover has acid resistance and corrosion resistance. Long service life. (All ductile cast iron products will rust to a certain extent. Because ductile iron products contain raw iron raw materials. This does not affect its performance. The manhole cover of any country cannot solve the rust) The rainwater grate is also the drainage ditch cover. It is used in conjunction with the drainage ditch. Nowadays, finished drainage ditch is used. The commonly used materials are divided into resin concrete finished drainage ditch (second generation finished ditch) and HDPE high-density polyethylene finished drainage ditch ( The third generation of finished products), the material of the cover plate mainly includes HDPE, composite, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. Cast iron grate is used for road rainwater drainage, filtering road garbage, and preventing sewer blockage. Well grate is used where road water is drained. The manhole cover is used to cover the defensive objects on the road or the deep well in the home. It is generally divided into round and square to prevent people or objects from falling. In the urban road administration, the round is generally used, because the round manhole cover is not easy to tilt. It can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. When installing the cast iron rainwater grate, the support on both sides of the ditch must be flat and firm. When installing, the anchor piece of the support frame must be deeply buried in the cement layer. It is recommended to select the standard size for design and construction. According to the width and load-bearing capacity of the cast iron rainwater grate, the model of the steel grating must be selected. The size of the model must be compatible with the installed cast iron rainwater grate. If flat steel is used, the direction of the flat steel must be the direction of support, and the length of the flat steel is determined according to the width of the grate. For the installation of cast iron rainwater grate, the installation must be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures and operating specifications. On the one hand, it is for the safety of the construction personnel and the convenience of construction. On the other hand, it is to ensure that the cast iron rainwater grate can be put into good use after the installation is completed, and its performance is guaranteed. The completeness.
Withstand stress level Gutter Cover(SET)
Maximum pressure bearing 10-50ton
Production standards and equipment EN124 (production of assembly line equipment and machinery)
Square shape(ID*OD*H)
450*1500*45mm 450*750*40mm 500*500*45mm 400*700*35mm
380*1450*45mm 450*750*35mm 500*500*35mm 400*600*45mm
380*1360*40mm 400*700*45mm 450*750*45mm 400*600*40mm
600*600*35mm 400*700*40mm 380*680*40mm 400*300*35mm
300*500*35mm 380*680*35mm 380*680*45mm
Withstand stress level Gutter Cover(Grate)
最大承压轴承 5-50吨
生产标准和设备 GB/T23858-2009(手工模具生产)
500 * 500 *40毫米 400 * 500 *20毫米 300 * 500 *40毫米
500 * 500 *30毫米 380 * 680 *30毫米 300 * 500 *30毫米
400 * 600 *40毫米 380 * 500 *30毫米 250 * 500 *30毫米
400 * 600 *30毫米 380 * 500 *20毫米 300 * 500 *20毫米
400 * 500 *30毫米 350 * 500 *30毫米 200 * 500 *20毫米

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